Oct 23, 2013 12:09 PM by WESH

Caught On Cam: Spandex Bandit

It was 21-year-old Brittney Ballinger's second time closing up the Subway store she works at in Holly Hill, Florida.

Just minutes before closing time Sunday night, she endured some terrifying moments.

An armed robber, clad in spandex from head to toe, burst in and attacked her, hitting her in the head with his gun.

"I heard the door go off, and I was like, 'Welcome to Subway,'" she recounted.

Her corporate greeting was wasted on the robber, who stormed the store, jumped the counter and manhandled her.

"He came up behind me and pushed me, and I hit the ground. I got up, went to go turn around and say, 'What the hell?' and that's when I got hit with the gun," she said.

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