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Chandler Police Dept. enacts rule to ban visible tattoos on duty

CHANDLER - In this day and age it seems like everyone has a tattoo, but do you think Police Officers should have them?

Chandler's policy went into effect on May 1 and it no longer allows officers to show their tattoos while they are on duty.

Chandler Police Chief Sean Duggan is adamant that he wants his officers to look neat and professional, and that he is setting a standard that reflects his department's culture.

Officers who have tattoos on their arms must wear long-sleeve shirts. A couple of officers with tattoos on their fingers must cover them with Band-Aids.

A more restrictive policy adopted by the U.S. Army on March 31 bars tattoos on a soldier's head, face, neck, wrists, hands and fingers. By late June, Army recruiting stations in Phoenix reported they were turning away nearly 30 prospective enlistees a week because of the new restrictions.

Applicants for jobs as officers in Chandler are told about the policy up front and must decide whether the Chandler police culture appeals to them, Duggan said.

Phoenix police allow visible tattoos that are non-offensive on the arms and hands, but not the legs, while on duty. While in civilian attire, tattoos can't be more than 6 inches above the ankle bone. Exceptions can be granted for special operational situations, such as working undercover.

Gilbert police allow non-offensive tattoos on the arms only.


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