Mar 5, 2014 4:17 PM by Rebecca Taylor

Child's remains found, police searching for former tenants

TUCSON - New details surrounding human remains found at a southside home. The remains appear to be of a small child.

Tucson Police do not believe those remains are Isabel Celis a Tucson girl who went missing, nearly two years ago. So the mystery remains, who is this child and what happened?

Police say the skeletal remains were found in the yard of a home near 17th Avenue and Nebraska Street Tuesday afternoon.

Police say the rental home is vacant. The owner was in the process of cleaning it when he made the disturbing discovery.

Neighbors are taken aback. "It's sad, you don't expect it around here," says Daniel Munoz.

Sally Mendoza says, "It just scares me, that it's close by my parents home and everything."

Neighbors watched as homicide and child abuse detectives surrounded the home, on Idaho Street. Tucson's Police Chief was also at the home.

Police say it's too soon to know if the remains are a boy, or girl or how long they've been there. "They are skeletal remains, so it's a little early to speculate," said Tucson Police Spokesperson Chris Widmer. "But it does appear they've been there for some time."

Police have ruled out the remains being Celis. "It's based on info we've received, and also the size of remains," says Widmer.

The landlord who found the remains outside in the yard is helping police track down previous tenants for questioning. News 4 Tucson spoke with the landlord, who isn't interested in commenting at this time.

For parents in the neighborhood it's a difficult situation to take in. "So I'm just interested to know, how old the child is, maybe they go to school with my children," says Garcia.

Munoz says, "I'm pretty sure the neighbors are going to be talking about it for a bit, and probably we more aware now of what's going on."

The remains will be taken to the Medical Examiner's office.

Stay with News 4 Tucson for the latest on this developing story.

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