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Apr 25, 2013 9:00 PM by Kristi Tedesco

Christian's journey: the story of a near-drowning

TUCSON - It's warming up this week which means more kiddos will be heading for the pool.

It doesn't matter how careful of a parent you are, your child can drown or nearly drown.

Christian Quintero was 11-months old when his journey began. That was four years ago when he nearly drowned in a back yard pool.

"He crawled out of a doggie door," says Shauna Quintero, Christian's mom.

Shauna was pregnant with their next child Lola. She'd picked-up an extra shift at work and was tired. She was lying down for a short rest while Christian and his older brother were watching SpongeBob Square Pants. In no time everything changed.

"He was unconscious on the pool deck," remembers Shauna. She panicked.

"I was going to run next door and I just remember thinking, there's no time. There's no time to do this. So I ran back inside and I screamed to call 911. And I just started giving him breaths because I didn't know C.P.R."

It was a parent's worst nightmare.

"He did actually die. His heart stopped. There was no pulse when the paramedics got to the house."

Efforts to revive Christian at the hospital were failing. The family was called in to be with Christian in his last moments.

"There were nurses leaving the room with tears in their eyes," says Shauna. "And so we went in to be with him and I put my hand on his leg and I said, ‘Christian.' And at that very minute he had a pulse."

Christian survived but he didn't cry for weeks and he couldn't smile for two years. He's unable to walk or feed himself.

Shauna says he is starting to vocalize now and he will start kindergarten soon.

While Christian makes these small but significant improvements, Shauna is getting the message out to parents to be prepared. She says C.P.R. classes are key and her youngest, Lola, is taking swim self-rescue lessons.

They want to raise money to help other families afford I.S.R. classes. Click her to learn more about Christian's journey on his blog.


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