Nov 25, 2013 11:23 PM by Rebecca Taylor

Church holds twice weekly food and produce giveaway

TUCSON - A local church is making sure neighbors don't go without year round. They hold twice weekly food giveaways and these aren't your typical boxed dry-goods.

The food pantry at Flowing Wells Assembly of God is filled with non-perishables, plus fruits and veggies.

Alaina Scott is the lead volunteer. "We've got some persimmons, that's definitely a specialty item there, organic potatoes and berries," she says.

The pantry looks like an assembly line of produce, they serve between 40 to 100 people a week.

"I think our biggest family, they have nine children," describes Alaina, "This is a huge blessing for them, in fact her husband just lost his job because of everyone downsizing."

Alaina and her husband hand pick every item in the pantry. Their day starts at Tucson's Community Food Bank, that's where dry goods and produce from local grocers come from.

Volunteer Thomas Scott says, "Safeway, Wal-Mart, Bashas, Frys, Trader Joes."

Pastor Steve Collins says the church's food pantry began 18 years ago. "We just feel like it's important to be God's hands extended to them," he says, "Twice a week, every week."

He says Alaina's touch and addition of fruits and vegetables has made a positive impact for Flowing Wells families.

Community member Rhonda Robinson describes the need, "Sometimes we worry about not having anything, to feed the kids, and it just really helps."

"How rewarding is this, because you don't get paid to do this," asks News 4 Tucson's Rebecca Taylor.

Alaina responds, "My reward is just knowing that somewhere out there, there's a baby who didn't go hungry tonight."

The food pantry is held twice a week from 2-4pm. Dry goods are given out on Mondays, produce is given away both Monday and Friday.


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