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Sep 8, 2013 2:10 AM by Sam Salzwedel

City crews backlogged on sidewalk repairs

TUCSON - City transportation crews have 140 sidewalk repair jobs scheduled that should take about 10 months.

Howie Hibbs lives on the East Side and walks down Golf Links Road almost every day. The sidewalks are buckling from expansion, even though they are not very old.

"I'm concerned about who gets the bill," Hibbs said. "If the contractor's not going to fix it, then probably, we're going to fix it."

Property owners, not city crews, are usually supposed to make repairs. Daryl Cole is the Director of the Transportation Department.

"In most cases, it's not our responsibility," Cole said. "We're not the largest property owner, obviously, in the City of Tucson. The public is."

Chapter 25 of the City Colde states "All owners [...] are required to keep the public sidewalks immediately abutting their property in good order and repair. [...] The city may [...] notify such owner that repairs are necessary."

Property owners can even receive citations.

"If I don't fix it, then they send me a bill to fix it," Hibbs said, "and I'm not real happy about that."

The City tries to avoid that and makes many repairs that are technically on private property.

"Although we probably don't enter the Chapter 25 of the code, have a responsibility to do that," Cole said, "we still go out and try to be proactive."


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