Mar 11, 2014 1:15 AM by Sean Mooney

City wants Tesla to plug in to Tucson

Tucson- It may be the car of tomorrow and Tucson City Officials are hoping a $5 billion, "gigafactory, where super batteries will be made for the vehicle is in Tucson's future.

After electric car maker, Tesla Motors, Inc., trimmed it's list to four states, including Arizona, as possible sites, the city of Tucson presented a formal proposal to Tesla to bring it's gigafactory and the 6500 jobs that comes with it, to the city.

The all electric car first hit the road in 2003. Sales have slowly risen over the last decade but after continued success in Europe Tesla is now primed to go after the car industry in America.

The factory will manufacture lithium-ion batteries that allow the gasless car to go further between charges.

Tesla motors intends to build a 10-million square foot plant that will employ thousands.

Other states being considered are Nevada, New Mexico and Texas.

Here in Arizona, the City of Mesa made it's own bid for the factory, and attempts for more details on Tucson's proposal went unanswered. A representative from TREO, Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities, refused to comment, citing confidentiality agreements.

But Tucson Mayor, Jonathan Rothschild, wants Tesla to know it's gigafactory belongs right here in Tucson. A city he believes offers everything the car maker needs.

"In their proposal, what they are looking for principally is rail and logistics, and we have that. A good location and the kind of work force that they are looking for. They're in to solar, They are in to space travel, a sense of community very much like Tucson's, and if we can let them see what Tucson is like, they're going to like this place."

Although Mayor Rothschild wouldn't give an exact location, he did say the proposed site is on the southeast side of town, near rail-lines and freeways.

Tesla wants to construct the facility in 2015 and begin production by 2017.


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