Jul 6, 2013 9:35 PM by Erika Flores

Cleanup efforts after Friday's monsoon storm

TUCSON-It's cleaning day for some neighborhoods hit hard by powerful Monsoon storms.

Those storms left behind a big mess across Tucson Friday, and the damage can still be seen Saturday.

Winds were so powerful that they brought down power lines.

Several power lines came down in Tucson leaving thousands without power.

"We lost power probably for about 5 hours," said Angela Corning, who lives on the Southeast side.

By morning, Tucson Electric Power told News 4 Tucson every home had electricity back up.

Saturday morning you could see crews working and busy drilling to set new poles.

The storm also pulled down trees, split them in half, and low-lying areas got flooded.

"He wanted to go to the playground, but then we saw it was flooded," said Corning.

But this flood is nothing compared to the flooding near Houghton and Bilby.

"My wife was stuck in the flash flood," said Chuck Stopani.

And in the nearby neighborhood: "After the storm, we came out here and there was about an inch of water on the ground, and I came back about 45 minutes later, and it was up to almost our house," said Mike Ostertag.

It was deep enough for Ostertag's new canoe.

"I figured today we'd be doing the cleanup, so yesterday my son wanted to take it out, so I threw him in the back and we took it for a spin up and down the road," said Ostertag.

But now that the water is drying up it's time for cleanup.

"I wanted to come out here and help," said Ryan, Ostertag's son.

One woman on Ostertag's block told News 4 Tucson her home got two inches of water inside, and she said there's 15 thousand dollars worth of damage.

Neighbors said they aren't looking forward to the next monsoon storm especially if the nearby wash is still full by then.


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