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Sep 13, 2012 1:00 AM

Close calls at school crosswalks

TUCSON - A few weeks into the school year and already parents at schools in the Rita Ranch area are worried their kids won't make it to campus safely.

One mom in the area called Kristi's Kids when she heard about two close calls and saw drivers speeding through school zones.

Ambrosia Clarke drops off three kids every morning along Rita Rd. She's certain that at the start of the year, the crosswalks near Mesquite Elementary and Desert Sky Middle were safer.

"After the police presence was gone, people just got in a hurry and started going through the cross walk and just putting people in harm's way," she explains.

Crossing Guard Michelle Francis started working this zone five years ago. She thinks most drivers follow the rules but some can put the brakes on your heart.

"They're making right hand turn right here, when they're not supposed to, when I have kids in my crosswalk.

Michelle's says she often sees violations.

"I've had people not even realize I'm standing out in the middle of the road. And they're still going."

Parents like Ambrosia say it's an easy fix.

"If you need to be somewhere, leave earlier knowing that there's traffic and there's school zones."

And excessive speed can kill.

"It's hazardous and the children need to be safe and so do the crossing guards," says Ambrosia.

Kristi's Kids also talked to the principal at Mesquite Elementary. Katie Dabney says speeding is her primary concern in the school zones. In every school zone, even when kids are not in the crosswalk, the speed limit is 15 miles per hour.


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