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Mar 12, 2014 10:50 PM by Lupita Murillo, Kimberly Cain

Cold Case: Wife, mother found dead in 1980

TUCSON - No arrests were ever made for the murder of Marjorie Bell in the ‘80s.

Bell was a 45-year-old mother and wife who had a rocky relationship with her husband, said Detective Charles Garcia.

Bell left in her husband's Cadillac. It was found covered in blood two day later in the area of Hughes Access Road.

Bell's husband, Clarence reported her missing on Jan. 10, 1980. Her dead body was found two days later by a couple of hikers near Gates Pass.

"There was obvious signs of trauma to her head," Garcia said. "There was good preservation to the scene."

Those signs are what almost led homicide detectives to make an arrest 34-years-ago, according to Garcia.

Now detectives have a person of interest but they can't go into additional details because of the risk of compromising the investigation.

"Even going over some of those interviews, we know that he was holding back. Subsequent interviews have taken place with this person of interest. There are some things in his testimony that lead us to believe that he has more information than he's willing to provide us," Garcia said.

Detectives need the publics help in order to bring closure to the Bell Family. Anyone with information is encouraged to call 911 or 88-CRIME if they have any information.


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