Jul 16, 2014 8:52 PM by Marissa Esquivel

Comcast "embarrassed" by employee's behavior, recording gone viral

PHILADELPHIA - The cable and Internet company Comcast is "embarrassed" by an employee's behavior after hearing a recorded conversation between that employee and a customer.

Ryan Block, a California Comcast customer, posted an 8 minute telephone conversation online of him trying to disconnect his service.

Block said that he managed to get his get his service disconnected, but had to deal with the rude customer service rep who continued aggressively repeating his questions.

At one point, Block said, "I can guarantee right now that you are doing an incredibly good job of helping your company be worse."

In Block's post on the website, SoundCloud, he points out that the conversation had already gone on for 10 minutes, and at that point, both he and his wife were completely flustered by the representatives "opressiveness."

Philadelphia-based Comcast said Tuesday that the employee's behavior is unacceptable and said that the company would contact Block to apologize.

Block, who said he is a vice president for AOL, said he expects to talk to Comcast personnel.


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