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Jan 4, 2013 5:22 PM by Lorraine Rivera

Controversial call has fans talking

UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA - Arizona's comeback win Thursday night against the Colorado Buffaloes is generating talk all over the sports world. Fans in the Old Pueblo say it's the theme of all water cooler conversations.

Taber Munoz is a nurse at the Center for Pain Management, he bought tickets from his boss Dr. Randy Prust. "I don't kind of wish I was there, I wish I was there," Dr. Prust said.

Prust, a Colorado graduate, said he thought this year would be an rebuilding year for Arizona. He watched the game at home, "from the angles that I saw, I thought Colorado had won the game."

It was an emotional game for Munoz, "everyone was chanting OT, OT, OT and you know what? That was the fair thing to do. You don't know who won, give another five minutes to play so everyone has an equal chance."

Munoz described what he was thinking while the referees reviewed the play, " I was like I hope those three refs can run fast because they're going to have to run out of here."

Arizona coach Sean Miller said, "I was sending the officials a subliminal message. I knew that the shot was not good."

A much different story for Colorado's head coach, "no comment. Are you kidding me? I mean I just. It's just disappointing. Our team played well enough to win," said Tad Boyle.


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