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Oct 30, 2013 9:58 PM by Lupita Murillo

Counterfeit crook strikes again

TUCSON - The counterfeit crook strikes Tucson's small businesses again.

News 4 Tucson first brought you this story Tuesday and since then, we've received numerous emails and Facebook messages from other business owners who say they're also victims.

One business stepped forward with other surveillance video of, what appears to be, the same woman wearing scrubs passing fake $100 bills.

Pear Tree House owner, Chris Eklund, filed a report after watching our story.

"I saw the video of her at an east side salon and she had the same exact outfit on that she had yesterday," Eklund said.

The outfit isn't the only thing consistent in both instances, the woman has the same story too. She says she just got off a long shift at Tucson Medical Center and was looking for a baby shower gift.

The $100 bill looks real and even fools counterfeit pens. That's because it's a real bill, a $5 bill bleached out with $100 reprinted on it. When you hold it up to the light you can see Abraham Lincoln's face.

Jessica Fivueira, owner of Salon7, says the woman dressed in scrubs came into her salon on Tuesday, bought some hair products and tried to pay with a phony $100 bill. Fivueira saw it was fake and told told the woman they weren't going to accept it. "She questioned us, and said there was a president face on the bill. We reassured her it was the wrong the president." The woman left.

New video emerged of the same woman wearing the same purple scrubs arriving at Wild Birds Unlimited on East Grant Road driving a white vehicle. The owner says she scammed them last week. Brad Brockman says, "Now that I realize how many businesses she's hit, it makes me suspect of all the counterfeit cash that being passed around."

The Secret Service says they are working closely with local law enforcement agencies to solve this ongoing investigation. If you have any information please call 88-CRIME.


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