Mar 4, 2014 8:04 PM by Lupita Murillo

County Attorney's office will decide if charges will be filed against parents of boy who shot himself

TUCSON - A 3-year-old boy's condition is stabilized after a gunshot wound to the stomach. Detectives are still trying to sort out exactly how it happened.

Pima County Sheriff's investigators say, he accidentally shot himself Monday inside his Amado home, southeast of Green Valley. The gun was apparently left out.

There were a total of four children at home, including the toddler. Reports show the mother was also home. Through the hospital the family has asked we not give out information out about their son.

Investigators say the 3-year-old found the gun and accidentally shot himself. No one in the house witnessed the shooting.

Deputy Tracy Suitt, a spokesman for the PCSD tells News 4 Tucson, "It was left out where the child could get his hands on it. But the circumstances behind it I can't answer right now. I don't know what the circumstances are but the investigation will reveal that. "

The Elephant Head Volunteer Fire Department was called. The person who responded we are told is a former nurse and EMT. He did his job and kept the child alive until the toddler arrived at the University of Arizona Medical Center.

So the question is will the parents be charged?

Deputy Suitt says, "Once the case is put together and the detectives finish with their investigation and put it together they are going to take it to the County Attorney's office who is going to review that and at that time it will be determined if there's going to charges filed against the parents in this incident or not."


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