Mar 11, 2013 8:49 PM by Erika Flores

County considers whether to reduce road repair funding

TUCSON - Pima County is looking to make up for a revenue shortfall. One possible answer is to reduce funds for road repairs, but those in pothole neighborhoods hope the county will make pothole repair a high priority.

Walt Kauz lives in a small neighborhood near La Canada and Magee. "I've got my truck down at the dealer trying to get some of the squeaks and rattles out of it because of the street."

Jim Humphreys lives next to the school on the same street and says it's a safety hazard, especially for school children. "The rocks come flying off the sides of the tire and hit the kids if they're walking to school, the strollers and the moms."

There are similar headaches for another neighborhood just southeast of there. Priscilla Ewy said just to get to her home, she has to drive in a zig zag to avoid the potholes. "The neighbors here all paved it about 40 years ago with our own money and then the county was supposed to maintain it." Ewy said the county covers up potholes, but she hasn't noticed them repave it.

"The road's becoming just one patch after another," said Kauz.

But the county is dealing with their own bumps in the road. State and county revenues have declined, so the county is looking on ways to make up for lost revenue.

Last year, County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry allocated ten million dollars for road repairs. This next fiscal year, he's hoping to have 5 million available. "I think that's still the plan, but it's a little early in the budget process to say that it's an absolute commitment."

But these Tucsonans hope the money is funded and that some of it comes to their neighborhoods.

The Pima County department of transportation tells News 4 Tucson if they get the 5 million, they will start a pavement preservation plan in July, but they have not yet identified which streets would be preserved.


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