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May 23, 2013 9:00 PM

CPR classes critical for parents

TUCSON - So far this year in Pima County, one child has drowned and two others have nearly drowned.

If you found a child slipped into a pool would you know what to do?

The way to prepare for a water emergency is to take CPR class and firefighters are ready to teach you.

"We are going to push hard. We are going to push fast," explains Capt. Grant Cesarek with Rural/Metro Fire Department. "Center of the chest right on the sternum. And we're going about a 100 times per minute."

The idea is to collapse the heart down.

"That's what is going to take blood from the body to the brain and keep this person alive until paramedics arrive," says Capt. Adam Goldberg with Northwest Fire District.

Paramedics say the procedure is easy to learn and simple to perform.

"So you place your hand, lock your elbows in and you're going to have to push very hard and you're going to push fast," says Capt. Cesarek. 100 compressions per minute is the proper technique.

For near drowning patients breaths are key.

"We know that they probably have some water in their lungs, or maybe they have some residual water in their mouth and prior to starting CPR two rescue breaths is definitely recommended."

For babies and very small children the procedure's slightly different.

"We can use the two finger method, same thing, mid nipple line center of the sternum and we can push. Same thing a hundred times per minute and we're gonna push hard and we're gonna push fast."

First responders tell us CPR. classes are a must. And not just for the swim season.

"And just being prepared, gives you the ability to potentially save that life," says Capt. Goldberg. "We're giving our victims a fighting chance for survival. The sooner we get them compressions, the sooner we get the oxygen."

There are several places where you can get CPR classes:

Click here for Northwest Fire District

Click here for Drexel Heights Fire District

Click here for Red Cross


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