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May 28, 2014 12:27 AM by Kristi Tedesco & Edgar Ybarra

CPS releases hundreds of pages on 3-year-old Roman Barreras

TUCSON - Kristi's Kids has obtained more than 400-pages of CPS documentation on the life of 3-year-old Roman Barreras. The preschooler's decomposed body was found in a toy chest, back in March. His parents, Raquel and Martin Barreras are charged with his murder.

According to the heavily-redacted documents, CPS was in-and-out of Roman's life from the time he was born until about a year before his remains were found.

Roman was taken into CPS custody right after he was born, in July of 2010. The CPS report says, Roman was having "... jitterness from the methadone withdrawal, a shrill cry and no sleeping after feedings."

Also in July of 2010, Roman's father, Martin was named for "neglect." It was documented as a Priority-1 risk, the highest level of danger.

Two months later, in September of 2010, Roman was flagged for "... suspected child sex abuse." "Continued sexual abuse was an immediate concern."

Also in September of 2010, a chilling foreshadowing: the report states, "... the father appears to be easily manipulated by the mother and is unable to be objective about the threat that the mother poses to the children..." It goes on to say, "...the father is absent from the home for long periods of time due to his work and is not available by telephone..."

2-years later, November of 2012, CPS noted, the "... mother was treating the children for lice."

Then, in May of 2013, CPS closed its case "... even though the home's water was off... there was a concern noted that the mother might have been in the home... and Roman seemed very thin."

Daycare was offered, but the father "declined."

After CPS closed its case, there was one more call to the hotline. In January of 2014, an anonymous caller was concerned because Roman hadn't been seen for "...several months to a year." CPS marked that call as a "communication" and didn't investigate. Two months later, his decomposed remains were found in the backyard of a south side rental property... hidden in a toy chest.


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