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Mar 6, 2013 11:05 PM by Sean Mooney

Creatures March in to Kitchens

TUCSON - The Kitchen Cops Pima County Health Inspectors evaluating eating establishments throughout the county scoring score kitchens on everything from proper food temperatures to proper employee hygiene.

This week two of the eateries they inspected had something in common small creatures that should not be discovered in a restaurant.

Karuna's Thai Plate, AT 1917 E. Grant Rd., received three critical and three non-critical violations. Two dead mice were found in the kitchen. One on a glue strip, the other under a shelf. Rodent droppings were also observed in the facility. A cook was observed wiping her face and then cracking a raw egg. Food items tested above the required maximum 41 degrees with raw eggs and tofu at 60-degrees, coconut milk at 55 degrees. Heavy grease buildup was observed in a hood system and on the floor.

The rodent problem is considered a non-critical violation and with all other violations corrected during the inspection, Karuna's Thai Plate was given a "Good" rating. Karuna's management said "We are committed to meeting health standards and providing a positive dining experience to our customers. We've taken immediate action to rectify this unfortunate oversight and to prevent future occurrences."

Yoshimatsu Healthy Japanese, at 2660 N. Campbell Ave., received three critical and four non-critical violations. Cockroaches were observed at the kitchen cookline. A cook was seen cracking a raw egg with a gloved hand and then scooping rice into a bowl without first washing hands and changing gloves. A meat slicer, stored as clean had an excessive amount of food debris on the blade. A reach in refrigerator was observed with mold inside the bottom of the unit.

Because the restaurant receives monthly pest treatment and all critical violations were corrected with the inspector on site, Yoshimatsu Healthy Japanese was given a "Good" rating.

Last week we told you about Desert View High Culinary Arts School receiving a "Needs Improvement" rating. The Pima County Health Department has confirmed that the school passed re-inspection.

Restaurants awarded excellent ratings this week include, McMahon's Prime Steakhouse at 2959 N. Swan Rd., Weston La Paloma Resort & Spa at 3800 E. Sunrise Dr. and O'Malleys On Fourth at 247 N. 4th Avenue.


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