Dec 1, 2012 8:09 PM by Erika Flores

Crews "on track" to finish paving Fourth Avenue before Winter Street Fair

TUCSON-Construction crews are busy working along Fourth Avenue this weekend trying to wrap it up before the Fourth Avenue Winter Street Fair.

It starts in just a few days and the last thing crews want is to make shoppers deal with all the construction.

Crews have been working seven-days-a-week, 10-hours-a-day to get these streets paved.

The city said they are on schedule to have this area complete by the Winter Street Fair, a relief to all businesses along Fourth Avenue.

Crews compacted the street, tested the density and elevation, and prepared it for paving.

In just a few days, construction on Fourth Avenue between 9th and 7th Street will be complete and fences will come down.

"It's about time that it's coming down," said Roy Tan with A Foam and Fabric Place

Tan said even before this fence went up, the business was suffering, down 20 to 30 percent due to the economy, but when construction started, it only got worse.

"Choking up the Avenue and stuff like that...It's a big bear on the business," said Tan.

He said business went down 50 percent.

"It's been quite a long stretch," said Tan.

The City of Tucson said this fence will be down before the street fair.

"We're on track for that now, but it takes a tremendous amount of effort to get it done," said Jesse Gutierrez, Streetcar Construction Manager.

Gutierrez said it may look like a mess, but crews are working hard to get it cleaned up.

"Looks like there is quite a bit of work to be done, and we are going to get it done," said Gutierrez.

Rustic Candle is located right in front of the fence.

They're right in front of us, so we know how hard they've been working and we really appreciate it, but we just hope that it all works out," said Mirely Baca with Rustic Candle.

Fourth Avenue businesses remain upbeat.

They hope once these fences are down, lots of traffic will come to the area.

It's something that's crucial for next week's Winter Street Fair.

"It's a way for everyone in the community to come and support local merchants," said Baca.

Tan agreed.

"It lets people know that the street is open and they will start coming back," he said.

Monday, crews will start paving.

Once paved, crews will sweep and cleanup the sidewalks, remove the fences then the street will be ready for traffic.


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