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Dec 19, 2012 11:11 AM by Jake Merriman / Lupita Murillo

Crime Trackers: Detectives reopen 1993 cold case of Ann King

TUCSON - On October 6, 1993, the nude body of deceased Ann King was discovered on the west side and now, years later, detectives still have no clue who killed her.

Ann King, also known as JoAnn Baker, was found by a utilities worker near Ironwood Hills and Camino de Oeste.

Now, after having been on the shelf for nearly ten years, Detective Martyn Rosalik is reopening the 1993 case. The detective says that the scene was very violent and that she was stabbed multiple times.

At the time of the murder, the area where the body was discovered was located in a remote desert region, which is where Ann King lived.

"It was a few miles down the road from where I was last residing," says Detective Rosalik.

Cold case investigations can be extremely challenging, but in this case - nine years ago - they did have a person of interest.

"There is physical evidence that links this person to Ms. King," says Detective Rosalik. "However, they weren't able to develop a whole lot of information from that."

The cold case unit is now asking for the help of the public. Those who have any information on Ann King, such as who her friends were or if anyone saw her before October 6, 1993, are urged to come forward to help close the case.


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