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Oct 2, 2013 10:54 PM by Lupita Murillo

Crime Trackers: Solving cases thanks to 88-CRIME

TUCSON - Law enforcement utilizes many methods to solve crimes, from the latest technology to knocking on doors and asking questions. For the last 35 years, police have looked to the public to fill in the gaps when it comes to cracking unsolved cases.

88-CRIME is an invaluable crime fighting tool according to law enforcement officers.

Just last month, calls helped Pima County Sheriff's detectives identify two robbery suspects at a northwest side WalMart. Deputy Tracy Suitt, spokesman for the Sheriff's department says "Thanks to the viewers who saw the pictures we released to the media, arrests were made."

Susie Slagle Dupnik, is the executive director for 88-CRIME. She says," We get tips that law enforcement doesn't get from the public because the people want to be anonymous."

Since 88-CRIME began, Tipsters are responsible for solving 5,551 cases, making 5,280 arrests,
seizing over $88 million worth of narcotics and recovering over $18 million worth of stolen property, vehicles, and cash.

There is a reward for information, however, 40% of those eligible never pick up their rewards. Susie Slagle Dupnik says, "They just want to do the right thing, by getting criminals off the street, and making this a safer community."

If you have information on any crime call 88-CRIME or click here.


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