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May 7, 2013 2:16 PM by Lupita Murillo

Criminal bullying persists at Sahuarita

SAHUARITA - A fundraiser for the Sahuarita High School Football team turns into a nightmare for some of the freshman football players. It involved the "alleged victim" in last January's assault by the wrestling team.

Three former Sahuarita High School Wrestlers were accused of Criminal Bullying. Police say they assaulted a younger student in a locker room. However according to parents and some students attending Sahuarita High School the bullying continues.

School officials disagree, yet a report News 4 Tucson obtained from the Pima County Sheriff's department tells a different story. The report says "bottles of urine being thrown at a fellow player" "crashing golf carts into each other" and "running the golf cart into a tree."

These are the highlights of what happened on April 28th, at a golf course in Green Valley. One parent told us the ring leader was the alleged victim in last January's assault. They asked us to conceal their identity for fear of retaliation. "This kid is bullying other kids, he's threatening them."
The parent goes on to say, this same teenager admitted to throwing urine at another kid. "Now he's laughing and telling everybody in school he spilled urine over his face."

The police report says (name redacted) "had a bottle of urine with the top off of it and told (name redacted) that if he did not let him drive, (the golf cart) he was going to pour the bottle of pee on him."

We went to the golf course and spoke to the golf pro and he said he was unaware anything had happened, and there was no damage reported by his staff.

The parent says this isn't the only incident involving the "alleged victim". "They're being bullied in school by this kid. Also this kid has been escorted out of the class by being disrespectful to teachers."

Sahuarita Police have also received recent reports regarding some of these incidents. Officer Philip Steele a spokesman for the Sahuarita Police Department says, "The allegations of assault were brought to the police department and those have all been forwarded to the county attorney's office."

When asked if the police department was not doing its job by investigating this incident, Officer Steele replied, " That's inaccurate."
Superintendent Manny Valenzuela says they were made aware of the April 28th golf course incident. He called it "mischievous behavior". He tells News 4 Tucson, multiple students were disciplined. He says bullying is not acceptable, and they are striving for a positive and safe learning environment.

He says by law he can't give us names, or what disciplinary measures were taken. In reference to the January case,
The four adults have court hearings scheduled for May 17th.

The three juveniles face separate court hearings in juvenile court, on June 19, July 24, and August 19.


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