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Aug 18, 2013 9:12 PM by Erika Flores

Daniel Hernandez, Buck Crouch latest SUSD board members to face recall

TUCSON-Most of Sunnyside Unified School District governing members are facing a recall.

Critics have been gathering signatures to get rid of Louie Gonzales and Bobby Garcia for their support of embattled superintendent Manuel Isquierdo.

Now those two are behind an effort to oust board members Daniel Hernandez and Buck Crouch.

Louie Gonzales's campaign manager filed the petition on Friday and Daniel Hernandez tells News 4 Tucson, he won't be waiting until last minute to defend his seat.

"I'm going to start raising money. I'm going to start talking to the community members so that they understand what's really going on," said Hernandez.

"These efforts are really blatant efforts from Louie and Bobby to make sure that their recall doesn't go through," said Hernandez.

Gonzales said it was his campaign manager's idea.

"Decided we were going to act on it because sitting back is not a choice that we have," said Marcos Castro, Gonzales' campaign manager.

"He who yells the loudest gets the most attention. We're going to have to do it, too," said Gonzales.

Hernandez said he and Crouch didn't submit the petition to recall Garcia and Gonzales.

"'I'm not involved in the recall of those two board members Bobby and Louis, but if you need information here is the number to call,' well, that's participating," said Gonzales.

Gonzales insists this is not retaliation against Hernandez and Crouch.

"There's a lot of negativity going out there and we just want to set the record straight that we're going to fight to keep our seats as well as they are fighting to keep theirs, and we are going to go back to the people and find out what it is they want," said Gonzales.

But Hernandez said this recall against him and Crouch is only going to hurt the district.

"This pettiness that Louie and Bobby are exerting are going to ruin the chances that we have for passing an override," said Hernandez.

"Maybe they'll pull out. We'll pull out. Withdraw and we'll withdraw," said Gonzales.

"They need over 13 hundred signatures for each Hernandez and Crouch by December 14.


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