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Nov 6, 2013 6:42 PM by Tom McNamara

'Dark Web' provides haven for illegal activity

There's the Internet you use every day, and then, there's the so called 'Dark Web' - a place some call the forbidden underbelly of the Cyber world.

Contained within that 'Dark Web,' is a black market bazaar of drug peddlers, porn producers, even hitmen.

The lure is anonymity. Special software sends customers down a cyber maze, where they become untraceable and anonymous.

So were the merchants, until now. Authorities worldwide are finally infiltrating this dark web, and slowing drug sales.

But, this comes too late for one Arizona family.

Calvin Forrey was just 27-years old, when he died of a drug overdose near Prescott last year.

His father, John Forrey of Bisbee, described Calvin as "a really good kid, he was very sweet, I enjoyed him quite a bit, we had a good relationship and had a lot of fun together."

But later in life, John says Calvin struggled with a drug problem, especially with hallucinogenic bath salts.

John told the News 4 Tucson Investigators, "well I do know that he bought on the Internet, at first he was buying it from the local places, and then, for reasons I'm not exactly sure, he started buying off the Internet."

Calvin's father said his son would sometimes have those drugs delivered to a local motel in Prescott, to keep the stash from being traced to him.

It's quite possible that Calvin, like thousands of others, got those illegal drugs on the 'Dark Web.'

But, the safety and anonymity of the Dark Web was suddenly shattered last month, with the arrest of Ross Ulbricht.

The FBI said Ulbricht was the mastermind behind the largest drug market on the dark web, a place called 'Silk Road.'

The feds said 'Silk Road' did over a billion dollars in sales in the last few years, netting Ulbricht about 80-million dollars in profits.

Since Ulbricht's arrest, authorities around the world have been making arrests of those they say sold drugs on 'Silk Road's' marketplace.

Yet, the 'Dark Web' remains a deep, unyielding, and still somewhat anonymous lure for those desperate to get illegal drugs.

Even with the safety net now starting to lift. Something John Forrey says all parents should keep in mind.

"It's readily available on line, very easy to get. you know, it's hard to imagine if there's money to made, that people who make it don't have any kind of care in the world about the lives they wreck or end or the chaos they create."


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