Jan 16, 2014 7:55 PM by Nathan O'Neal

Day 2: TPD hopes to stir new leads in Celis investigation

TUCSON - Roughly 50 Tucson Police officers are interviewing everyone in an east side neighborhood as they try to re-energize an investigation of Isabel Celis, who went missing back in April 2012.

Detectives returned to the scene of the Celis Family's neighborhood and set up a mobile command unit.

It's been almost two years since Isabel Celis vanished from her bedroom. Neighbors remember the aftermath vividly.

"It was more intense, more sense of urgency," said David Pike, who lives a few houses down the street from the Celis family.

Detectives are asking neighbors about a shoeprint, according to neighbors.

"A picture of a footprint from somewhere that they picked up near the property," Pike told News 4 Tucson.

According to law enforcement, the shoeprint does not necessarily point to a suspect -- rather, a person who might have valuable information in the investigation.

TPD is canvassing the neighborhood, including up to 400 homes and a nearby apartment complex. The hope is that it will re-energize the investigation.

"It's not that they have no leads anymore," said Sgt. Pete Dugan, of the Tucson Police Department.

"When the investigation first started we were getting hundreds of leads and now they've slowly begun to dwindle. So if we can get back out there and let the public that we are still looking for this stuff ... we are still wanting any kind of information no matter how small it might be ...it's a big help to us."

As for the potential suspect, TPD is not elaborating. However News 4 Tucson has confirmed that family members have not been ruled out.

A separate investigation was conducted by private firm. Private Investigator Kelly Snyder told News 4 Tucson that he identified at least two prime suspects in Isabel's disappearance. He said his prime suspects were close to the Celis family but would not elaborate specifically.

Snyder said that he handed over his finding to TPD roughly four months ago.


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