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Death mask of notorious criminal John Dillinger on display in IL

(WAND) He was ruthless and one of the most feared mobsters of all time.

"John Dillinger was the most famous criminal in the way he was shot," Illinois State Police Heritage Foundation treasurer Heinz Mueller says..

Now part of Dillinger's history will be on display this weekend in Springfield, Illinois.

"At that time, to prove who you were, they would make a mask of the person. That was the only way to prove that he was dead to a lot of people," Mueller adds.


The mug shots are of John Dillinger (he's the smirking one on the left) and two members of his gang. The booking photos were taken by the Tucson Police Department on January 25, 1934.

Earlier that evening, Dillinger had been taken into custody by three Tucson police officers at the bungalow at 927 North Second Avenue pictured below. Here's how the incident went down:

In the early morning hours of January 21, a fire broke out in the Hotel Congress. Firemen swept through the building, banging on the doors of the sleeping guests.

Oddly, a resident of the top floor seemed more concerned about his luggage than himself, and he put up a fuss when ordered to leave the building. Out on the sidewalk, he persuaded two firemen to re-enter the burning building to retrieve several expensive-looking bags.

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