Dec 29, 2012 12:20 AM by Nathan O'Neal

Deputies serve second search warrant on Flowing Wells burglaries

FLOWING WELLS - Pima County Sheriff's deputies served a second search warrent in connection to a string of burglaries that happened on Christmas eve in a Flowing Wells neighborhood.

Two homes were hit near Davis Avenue on Christmas eve. One of the victims spotted a man, walking on the road carrying a bag of items he believed was his stolen property.

The burglary victim followed 24-year-old Michael Francis and called the Sheriff's department. Francis was arrested after a search of his residence. Deputies say the search provided evidence linking him to other burglaries in the neighborhood but it also provided leads, which is why deputies served yet another search warrant on a nearby house.

Wendy Andrews has lived in the neighborhood for almost 20 years, living right next door to the house deputies and SWAT teams stormed this afternoon.

"We noticed cop cars in front and all of a sudden we heard this big bang, and we didn't know if something exploded or was shot or what," Andrews told News 4 Tucson.

All the commotion forced her to investigate what was going on for herself.

"Went to the back of the house, looked out my back window and that's where all the activity was and there were police everywhere, looking around the base of the house, looking in the house, people coming and going," Andrews said, adding: "A lot more activity than this neighborhood is used to."

This is the second time in two days the neighborhood has seen this much action, as law enforcements further investigates burglaries in the area.

"Yesterday while they were serving the initial..the first search warrant...they not only found and located the property of the initial victim but also other items...that turned out to belong to yet another victim in the same neighborhood," said Deputy Tom Peine.

However, all this talk of thefts has neighbors like Wendy Andrews on edge.

"We don't have anything much to steal but what we do have we'd like to hang on to...and that it was my neighbors...I'm shocked....I'm just glad that the sheriff's are doing their jobs...real glad," said Andrews.

Deputies said there was a man home when the residence was searched, however there were no additional arrests made today.

Stay with News 4 Tucson on air and online for the latest on this ongoing investigation.


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