Jan 31, 2013 7:56 PM by Lorraine Rivera

Deputy delivers his baby on highway

COCHISE COUNTY - A deputy with the Cochise County Sheriff's deputy delivered his own baby last week along a stretch of Highway 90 east of Sierra Vista.

Glen Ortiz was driving his pregnant girlfriend to Sierra Vista from Douglas early Wednesday, January 23rd when the contractions became closer, "we actually left the city limits when she had her first contraction. We got to Bisbee and it's about 30 minutes later and she has her second contraction. Sure enough the contractions get down to two minutes, " he recalled.

"I just wanted to get to the hospital and get drugs so I could get the pain away," said Marisol Ruiz.

Ortiz said at milepost 333, Ruiz couldn't take the pain any longer, "We both check and sure enough I see the baby's head crowning. I had to keep my composure. I kept focused and I asked her, we need to push and we need to get this baby out,' and you know the baby came out. I held her in my arms. I pulled her toward me and wrapped her in a towel," he said.

Baby Jaslyn Gianna Ortiz was perfectly healthy, Ortiz said, "My main concern right off the bat was I wanted her to cry just to know that she was breathing and her lungs were ok and sure enough she started to cry."

Jaslyn weighed seven pounds and one ounce. Paramedics arrived and took Marisol and Jasyln to the hospital as Ortiz followed behind. As he drove away he noticed that they were stopped along milepost 333, and 333 is his call sign with the Cochise County Sheriff's Office.

Ortiz said Highway 90, milepost 333 is listed as Jaslyn's place of birth on her birth certificate and Ortiz is listed as the attended who delivered her.


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