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Sep 22, 2013 10:50 PM by Erika Flores

Dogs reunite with family after missing for 7 months

GREEN VALLEY-A man's best friend disappeared with his own best friend, and it wasn't until seven months later that someone found them.

Zeke and Coco's owners are grateful to have them back in their lives, but they said they learned a very important lesson that they want to share with the community.

Zeke lost 50 pounds in those seven months.

"We're glad they're back. Yes we are," said Colleen Weule.

All Zeke's family knows is that someone found him in the Madera Canyon area.

"We really really missed him," said Weule.

He was playing with his best friends who live next door, Coco and Reba, when all three of them disappeared.

"They turned around and found out the gate was open and I went outside and ya they were gone," said Jimmy Carrillo.

Coco and Reba are Carrillo's pets.

He said his grandchildren left the gate open and that's where he believes they escaped.

"I know they did because they were riding back there and stuff like that and playing out in the desert back over there," said Carrillo.

That night Reba came back and Weule said she thought Zeke would be back soon, but when he wasn't, "We did everything we could to try to find him but nothing worked. They scoured the desert. We kept checking with Animal League and Pima County but nothing turned up," she said.

Seven months later, Coco and Zeke were taken to the Animal League of Green Valley after they were spotted at Madera Canyon.

"If only they could talk, they'd tell you exactly where they went and what kind of adventure they have been on," said Carillo.

It took a week before the Carrillos and Weules even knew the dogs were at the shelter.

"He wasn't chipped something that I'm very sorry we didn't do," said Weule.

But Weule said once she got him back, she micro chipped him.

Carrillo did the same and hopes people learn from their experience.
"I would say absolutely get your pets chipped and don't ever give up on them because you never know," said Weule.

Both dogs are now adjusting well at home.


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