Jun 26, 2013 10:22 PM by Sean Mooney

Dr. Pedicone's final board meeting gets emotional

TUCSON - Tucson's largest school district is getting ready to move on without current TUSD Superintendent, Dr. John Pedicone.

As TUSD finalizes the deal with his successor, Dr. Pedicone is experiencing a series of last events with the district. Tuesday's weekly session was his final TUSD board meeting.

It has been an interesting, turbulent ride for the outgoing superintendent. A two-and-a-half year quest to improve a struggling district. As he prepares for his exit from TUSD, Dr. Pedicone says he believes much has been accomplished but the work is far from over.

"It's a strange feeling, a strange mixture", Pedicone said, "I've got a sense of hopefulness for the next leader that comes in here. I think that, all the work that we've done over the past two or three years has been for the next superintendent," he said.

Key to just how successful Pedicone's replacement will be depends on how well he can work with the district's governing board. That relationship, has at times, been trying for Pedicone and the current board.

But at his final board meeting on Tuesday Board President, Adelita Grijalva, was overcome expressing her appreciation for John Pedicone and all who have worked hard to make TUSD a better district. She addressed the board and those who attended the meeting.

"It has been a difficult two years to serve in any capacity in this district, more so for the administration. And my hope is that the next year is going to be much more acknowledging of the good things that we are doing. having been able to work through the difficult period," she said.

Her words deeply felt by Dr. Pedicone, "I think that emotion came over all of us, and it's a good thing. when people feel deeply about the work they do and the people that do it.The governing board's appreciation of the cabinet is very important to me and it's the way i feel as well. It has been a good, difficult, challenging time here and I think we have done some good for the community."

On Thursday, the governing board is scheduled to hold a special session to discuss contract terms for H.T. Sanchez, the man who has been offered the superintendents job. John Pedicone's final day at Tucson Unified School District will be Friday.


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