Aug 16, 2014 1:53 AM by John Overall

Drive to bring a Drive-in theatre back to Tucson

TUCSON - Two local men are working hard to bring drive-in movies back to Tucson. They say it's about more than tradition, it's about building a community and helping young families enjoy a night out for a lot less money than an indoor theatre.

The last drive-in theatre in Tucson was the The DeAnza theatre on South Alvernon. But the big screen at DeAnza went dark in October of 2009.

It looked like modern technology had pushed that old fashioned form of entertainment into the history books.

But Charlie Spillar and George Cohn believe there's plenty of life left in drive-ins and they say Tucson is the perfect place to build one. "Tucson is a 365 day a year operation we don't have problems with winters because of the astronomy issue the skies are dark, we don't have the ambient light it's just a perfect location for a drive in," Cohn said.

Cohn and Charlie Spillar run the Cactus Drive-in Theatre Foundation. They've established a kick-starter campaign to raise 18-thousand dollars to get the ball moving on bringing a Drive-in back to Tucson.

Spillar says they'll use the money to buy a mobile movie screen. "We'll buy a large inflatable screen so we can do a series of pop up drive-ins around town," Spillar said.

The foundation will use the profits from the pop up shows to invest in a permanent location. If you'd like to donate to the Cactus Drive-in Theatre Foundation kick-starter campaign go to http://www.cactusdriveintheatre.com


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