Mar 9, 2013 7:20 PM by Erika Flores

Dumpster dog "Kimmy" adopted

TUCSON-A little dog found abandoned in a dumpster now has a place to call home.

It took a few double takes before Kimmy got adopted, but in the end an elderly couple who just lost their Yorkie decided to take her home.

Kimmy's journey has been a rough one.

Before she could end up in the arms of loving owners, she was found inside a dumpster near Country Club and Bermuda still lactating after delivering a litter of puppies.

Now ready for adoption, she's featured at the Pima County Animal Care Center's Tailwaggin Tailgate.

After getting several glances, and playing on the lawn, she's spotted by a couple.

They take a liking to Kimmy right away.

"She's cute. She's quiet. She looks like she'd be a nice companion for an older person," said Sharon Payne.

A dog lover, Payne can't wait to get Kimmy home right away.

After a bit of paperwork, and a signature here and there, Kimmy is off to Avra Valley with her new family.


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