Aug 28, 2013 7:56 PM by Stefanie Boe

East side woman attacked by javelina

TUCSON - A Tucson woman is recovering after being attacked by several javelina in her east side neighborhood. It happened early Wednesday morning at a home in the Harold Bell Wright Estates near Speedway and Wilmot.

Family members told Game and Fish the 64-year-old was treated at a local hospital for lacerations, but she has since gone home.

The woman was out walking her dog around 5:30 a.m. when she encountered a javelina feeding from a tipped garbage can. Despite her yelling and waving her arms, the javelina, and up to two more, charged her and knocked her to the ground.

The woman returned home and says the javelina followed. Her dog was not hurt.

"Javelina react instinctively to the presence of dogs, which they cannot distinguish from a coyote, a natural foe," said Regional Supervisor Raul Vega of Game and Fish in Tucson.

Vega says when javelina are present, garbage cans should be secured indoors, or within an enclosed area outdoors.


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