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Sep 9, 2013 4:49 PM

Edamame Dumplings from Wildflower

Chef Omar Huerta from Wildflower stopped by the News 4 studio today. He showed us how to make Edamame Dumplings with Enoki Mushroom Soy Chili Caramel Sauce

Here is what you need:

Edamame Farce

Butter 0.5 oz
Shallots, chopped 0.5 oz

Vegetable stock 4.5 cups
Edamame Beans (defrosted) 2.5 lbs

Heavy Cream 2.5 cups
Butter 8 oz

Kosher Salt 0.5 oz
Black pepper, fresh ground from a pepper mill 3 turns

1. In a small pot heat butter in shallots.
2. then add stock and Edamame and bring to a slow simmer until beans are tender.
3. Strain and place in a food processor.
4. Pulse and add cream and butter. Continue to pulse until smooth.
5. Place in fridge to cool.

Soy-Miso Carmel:

Orange Juice 1 qt
Tamari 5 oz
Miso Paste, white 3 oz
Sugar 2 cups
Siracha 2 TBSP
Rice Wine Vinaiger 1/4 cups

1. In a sauce pot combine OJ, Sugar, and vinaiger
2.Reduce until a carmel consistancy
3. Whisk in tamari and miso paste
4. Cool and label


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