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Feb 22, 2013 7:58 PM by Erika Flores

Efforts to repeal SB 1070 continue

TUCSON - It isn't the first time and it might not be the last.

Democrats are joining forces to try to repeal SB 1070.

Senators Steve Gallardo and Representative Sally Ann Gonzales are sponsoring bills to repeal what's left of SB 1070: an officer's duty to question the legal status of suspected undocumented immigrants.

Critics call it racial profiling.

Supporters of SB 1070 call it securing the border.

Senator Gallardo and Representative Gonzales said enough is enough.

They said it's tearing families apart and it's hurting Arizona's reputation.

"Haunting the state of Arizona," said Senator Gallardo.

Representative Gonzales said it needs to be changed.

Christiane Heyde supports the repeal.

"My daughter was being followed because she is a dark-skinned hispanic and simply looked like she could potentially be an illegal immigrant," said Heyde.

Heyde said she emigrated from Europe in the ‘70's, but her Hispanic children were born and raised here in Tucson.

"I never get pulled over, I'm the immigrant," said Heyde.

But she said it's a different story with her kids.

"Border patrol will pull them over will question them extensively, and of course young teenagers would not have a passport on them. And they did not have any proof of their citizenship and got harassed for that," she said.

The part of SB 1070 upheld by the Supreme Court last year requires an officer to question a person stopped, detained or arrested if there's any suspicion that the person is in this country illegally.

"The decision does not make it morally right or morally just," said Mike Wilson with Border Action Network.

But Guatemalan immigrant Pat Sexton disagrees.

"They are simply doing their job. If there is someone breaking the law, they are going to stop that car regardless of who is inside," said Sexton.

Members of the Arizona Latino Republican Association doubt the efforts to repeal SB 1070 will amount to anything.

"They're just trying to revive a dead subject that isn't going anywhere," said Sergio Arellano.

But Senator Gallardo and Representative Gonzales's supporters vow to keep the momentum going.

"The fight is not over," said Regina Romero, city councilwoman.

Neither SB 1120 nor HB 2651, designed to repeal SB 1070, has not had a hearing.

The public is encouraged to contact the House and Senate with their opinion.


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