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Feb 18, 2014 11:34 AM by Lupita Murillo

Ex-wife goes on trial for bombing death of ex-husband

TUCSON - Trial begins Tuesday for a nearly 18-year-old murder case that shocked Tucson.

Gary Triano, a well known businessman was killed when his car exploded after he finished a round of golf at the exclusive La Paloma Country Club in the fall of 1996.

From the beginning, there's been speculation that his ex-wife, Pamela Phillips, had something to do with his death because of his multi-million dollar insurance policy.

Now, Phillips will stand trial for murder and conspiring to kill her former husband.

The case went cold for nearly a decade, then, new leads were uncovered that led investigators to Pam Phillips and Ronald Young. Detectives say the two were dating.

In November 2005, Young was profiled on America's Most Wanted. He was arrested in Florida two days after the show aired. He was extradited to Aspen, Colorado, to face fraud charges.

A year later, Young and Phillips were named as suspects in the murder of Gary Triano.

Search warrants, and computer forensic investigators led Detective James Gamber to believe Phillips and Young were involved in the bombing death of Gary Triano. They had to go through 250,000 documents.

Investigators uncovered, Phillips agreed to pay young $400,000 over time for his help in the murder. But the payments were spotty because of fear of raising suspicions. That angered Young. In a recorded phone conversation he told Phillips, "When you sit in a women's prison for murdering......when you sit in a women's prison for murder." Young replied, "I'll be back at 4:00"

In 2008, arrest warrants were issued for the two suspects.

Ronald Young was extradited from California. Pamela Phillips was in Europe visiting one of her children. Authorities say she knew she was wanted and through her attorney said she would be turning herself in. She never did. Detectives say she was living a lavish lifestyle.

In 2010, she was arrested in Austria and extradited in July.

Also that year, Young was convicted of killing Gary Triano and is serving two life sentences.

Phillips trial is expected to last eight weeks. Jury selection begins Tuesday.


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