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May 10, 2013 5:29 PM by Sean Mooney

Eye opening inspection at local Mexican restaurant

TUCSON - Kitchen Cops on patrol again this week and for one Pima County Health inspector visiting a local mexican restaurant turned out to be an eye opening experience.

Michas Restaurant, at 2908 S. 4th Avenue, received two critical, two warnings and five non critical violations. An employee was observed rubbing their eyes with gloved hands and then handling ready to eat food. Plastic food prep boards were heavily stained and were black in some areas. The critical violations were corrected during the inspection.

Warnings and non critical violations included a three compartment sink in severe disrepair and a hole in a wall at the base of a staircase. The restaurant was given thirty days to address the remaining citations. As a result Michas Restaurant was given a "Good" rating.

Micha's General Manager, Richard Mariscal, said, "Thank you for contacting us on our last inspection. The violations that were discussed to us during our regular inspection were corrected during the inspection. We also received a G [Good] rating at the time of inspection."

Johnny's Complete Foods, at 1401 N. Hualpai Rd., received one critical and two non-critical violations. Several utensils were observed with yellow aged grease. A three compartment sink was described as "extremely dirty", with black growth up to a quarter inch thick. Kitchen furnishings, refrigeration units, even the cash register had grimey build up on them. A work stove was encrusted with black aged food, up to three quarters of an inch thick.

All violations were corrected during the inspection giving Johnny's Complete Foods a "Good" rating.

Restaurants awarded "Excellent" ratings this week include, Lucky Wishbone at 2712 E. 22nd St., BTO Self Serve Yogurt, at 6860 E. Sunrise and Five Guys Burgers, at 5566 E. Broadway.


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