Apr 4, 2013 2:06 AM by Rebecca Taylor

Fallout from UA Coach Sean Miller's Pac-12 fine, official's comments

TUCSON - The technical foul heard round the nation.

UA basketball coach Sean Miller was slapped with a 25-thousand dollar fine in the Pac-12 tournament last month.

But that's not what has people buzzing now.

People are tremendously upset that Ed Rush the conference's coordinator of basketball officials, reportedly offered a reward, for officials to either eject coach Miller, or 't him up'.

Rush calls it a joke, while others are calling for his job.

The story broke Monday. Instead of it dying away, or staying local it's making national headlines and blowing up social media.

Anthony Gimino is a veteran sports writer. He calls the Ed Rush, Sean Miller debacle a perfect storm.

"Because first of all its Arizona basketball, second of all its Arizona basketball and everyone's at the height of their interest. And it's referees," says Gimino. "If there's one thing Arizona fans really like to sink their teeth into its officiating."

Many have taken to social media.

The facebook page 'Remove Ed Rush Immediately' was created late Monday and already has more than 2-thousand likes.

Online petitions have also been circulating:

One is imploring Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott to fire Rush.

"And of course Twitter is the perfect medium for people to express their outrage," adds Gimino.

One tweet reads, "it's a joke that Ed Rush still has a job. I'm embarrassed to be a fan of the product you put out. he has to go."

Another says, "Arizona fans openly talking about boycotting 2014 pack 12 tourney. Can you afford not to fire Ed Rush?"

We were hard-pressed to find anyone in support of Rush's supposed 'joke' or the penalty against Coach Miller, online or in person.

UA junior Tyler Slavin says, "I think they went a little too far with the fine, I thought that was pretty unacceptable."

"Every college sports writer in the country has written about Ed Rush, the Pac 12 and Sean Miller and in almost total agreement that the Pac-12 should fire Ed Rush," says Gimino.

Gimino predicts once this dies down within a couple months, Rush will resign or be let go.

Digging deeper on the Pac-12 network deal, part of the conference's 2011 expansion brought a 12-year, $3-billion TV partnership with cable sports giants, ESPN and Fox.

Each 'member school' gets an estimated annual cut of roughly $30-million.

Not all fans have access due to a longstanding impasse with satellite provider, Direct TV.


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