Jun 16, 2013 8:50 PM by Erika Flores

Family loses home on Father's Day

TUCSON - It is a Father's Day a local man won't ever forget.

John Hickman was sleeping overnight when his mobile home caught on fire.

Even though the home had no working smoke detectors, everyone got out safely while his wife rushed to help put out the fire.

Brandy Hickman said it happened in a matter of seconds.

"This is the hose," she said. "I yanked it really hard and ran around."

She ran to the window of the room with the fire.

"I could hear the glass cracking," she said. "I couldn't even see in there, but I was just spraying and spraying and spraying."

Firefighters finished the job and found the culprit.

"It's not even recognizable," she said. "This is the cord to a curling iron."

Thirteen-year-old Kiara Smith said she was heating the curling iron to curl her sister's hair.

They fell asleep then woke up to smoke in the home.

"I was shaking a lot, and my stomach hurt," said Smith.

They're now seeing the aftermath first hand.

"It was a Father's Day to remember. I won't forget this one for a while," said John Hickman.

Hickman said he's just glad they all made it out alive.

"It could have been a whole lot worse. I'm happy it happened the way it happened. We all got out safely," said Hickman.

His baby is sleeping peacefully and the rest of the family is getting ready for Father's Day dinner at

Southern Arizona Red Cross is assisting the family, and they will be staying with family for a while.


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