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Aug 16, 2012 9:00 PM

Family of six wins new pool fence

TUCSON - In the A.B.C.'s of swim safety, "B" is for barricades. Fences around swimming pools are absolutely essential.

That's why we teamed up with Pool Guard of Tucson to give away pool fence packages this swim season. The Olvera family is winner of our fence give away.

With four kids in the house mom and dad worry day and night especially after one of the boys had a close call.

"I was trying to get my net right here," says Ray Ray who is 7. "It was floating around over there and then I fall in and got this."

Ray Ray scraped his arm on the diving board on the way in. Fully clothed, he wasn't expecting to take a dip. But lucky for him he learned how to swim earlier this summer.
He found his way to the ladder.

"I was kind of scared. I was kind of crying a little bit."

Besides Ray Ray, there is also 4-year-old Angelina.

"My daughter she's kind of fearless of the pool wants to jump in even not knowing how to swim," says Stephanie Olvera their mother.

There's also Deziraye, 13, and Dominik is 8.

Stephanie knows drowning is a silent killer.

"That's exactly what I'm worried about is just not hearing anything. And we've got three doors that enter the back yard, and it's hard to kind of keep an eye on all three doors."

So Stephanie sent Kristi's Kids an essay.

"I was actually surprised. I never won anything my whole life. I think it's great. I feel me and my husband have a little bit more peace of mind at night."

We were there when Pool Guard of Tucson installed the fence. It took about 5 hours; a job worth about $1,600.

We want to thank Pool Guard of Tucson for helping us this summer. They provided over $6,000 of free pool fencing.

And our effort continues to open more city swimming pools next summer. Budget cuts have forced many to close. You can make a donation of any amount through the Kristi's Kids, News 4 Tucson Lifesaver page by clicking here.


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