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May 8, 2013 8:32 PM

Family reports serious bullying incident

TUCSON - A parent contacted Kristi's Kids saying her daughter was beat up at school. The incident was recorded on cell phones and posted on Facebook.

Bullying is a serious problem in schools everywhere. And this family says they're taking a stand.

Mom withdrew her daughter from the school and called Kristi's Kids to talk about it, but we're not identifying the student or her mother. They don't want the problems following her to another school.

"Yea. I've cried a couple times but I'm like just staying strong." The alleged victim is 12-years-old. She was in the 6th grade at Utterback Middle School.

Her mom says other students were spraying soda on her, kicking her things and pulling her hair.

"She for awhile [she] didn't go out to eat lunch because she was afraid she was going to be ambushed and attacked by these little girls."

Then in March a serious incident caught on cell phone video that mom says shows her daughter being attacked and beat up.

The video was posted on social media where kids reportedly taunted her more.

Her mother says she's tried to report the problems since her daughter started at the school.

"My first meeting with the principal in regards to my concerns was Jan 17th of 2013."

And every week since, she tells us, she reported other problems.

Kristi's Kids reached out to Tucson Unified School District and they provided this response:

TUSD takes concerns about bullying very seriously. District school safety officers investigate all reports of bullying to ensure our students are protected and our campuses remain safe and nurturing places of study. School safety officers investigated and documented the situation in the video and found the incident to be a mutually involved conflict, not a bullying incident. All students involved in the incident have been informed about further disciplinary action if subsequent incidents evolve from the video being posted on Facebook. No further incidents have occurred. The principal has informed the student's family that they may report any concerns or incidents with bullying, but the family has not filed any specific bullying incidents with the school.



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