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Nov 21, 2013 1:22 AM by Samantha Ptashkin

Father, son, write suicidal Facebook posts before SWAT standoff deaths

TUCSON- A father and son are dead, after two separate SWAT standoffs at the father's Tucson home.

The first incident happened on October 31 at the home near Valencia Road and Wade Road. Marty Maiden Sr. called 911, saying he was suicidal. He then barricaded himself inside his home. SWAT team members showed up to the scene and Maiden Sr. ended up shooting himself. He later died at the hospital.

Maiden Sr. wrote a suicide note on his Facebook page before the incident unfolded. It reads:

"Hello everyone well as you all know it has been a very challenging year for me, I would like to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers during the year. I would like to say to my wife I love you with all of my heart and soul you completed me as a man yet I felt short of your expectations so we will part as our vows said till death do we part no divorce for you. Let it be known that a few words kind or otherwise would have changed this out come for me but the hate in your heart is to great. Your sister and daughter in law helped you to these feelings. Two great people.

I'm leaving some excellent people behind and I must say to you that I have had all the pain I can handle for this life time in the past six months.Kris thanks for dinner last nite and all of your words Doug is a lucky man to have you please stick by him.
Mom I will see you in heaven I'm sorry I needed to leave like this but I felt it best for me.NIK TAKE CRE OF MY BABY GIRL. Marty Im so very proud of you..."

The next day, November 1, Maiden Sr.'s son, Marty Maiden II, posted on his own Facebook page memories of his father. He writes: "I miss those days wish I could have had more of [them]."

Fast-forward to Wednesday, November 20. Twenty-year-old Marty Maiden II, who was an active duty military member, is in town at his deceased father's house. He calls 911 saying he is suicidal. Friends of Marty Maiden II also called 911 to report that Marty made suicidal comments on a Facebook post. Information developed that Marty was most likely armed with a firearm. Several attempts were made to make contact with Marty, which were unsuccessful.

At approximately 9:30 a.m., deputies made contact with Marty outside of the home. Marty was armed with a semi-automatic rifle and a shotgun and presented a threat to SWAT Team members. Deputy Caudillo subsequently fired one round at Marty, who was pronounced deceased at the scene. No deputies were injured.

"I wish they would have looked for help, that someone would have recognized the kid had to talk to a counselor," Neighbor Karen Currie says.

In the hours after Marty's death, his fiance, Heather Maiden, posted on Facebook: "I wish u can just come back to me. I'm just left here with how much I love u [and} how lost I am."

One of Marty's military friends, Kaitlin Audreeanna Huntley, sent News 4 Tucson this message: "He was always a very optimistic person and looked out for others. It is honestly a devastating shock to me as well as the rest of his friends and family."

Deputy Caudillo is now on administrative leave, which is standard procedure in any officer involved shooting.


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