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May 23, 2013 9:23 PM by Lupita Murillo

FBI raids midtown property

TUCSON - Major police activity around a midtown property Thursday near Aviation Parkway and Country Club.

FBI agents had been closely watching the area for days. Agents spent hours processing the scene. The FBI says this is an active investigation and can't comment because it would compromise the investigation. However, residents and business owners had plenty to say.

Albert asked News 4 not to use his last name. He says, "This morning I was stepping out of my house and I heard a rumble like cars, and then all of a sudden I just hear, boom, boom, boom, boom."

Within minutes he says at least 30 vehicles surrounded the area. Agents with high-powered weapons held him back.

"I mean I was scared, and obviously when they pulled out those M-16's or whatever, I said something dangerous is going on."

A business owner says one person tried to escape. Fred Varela says, "Somebody tried to leave or tried to run out of the property next door and got caught on the razor wire.

Another business owner who declined to go on camera says a few days ago, the FBI set up the razor wire around the property and for at least 10 days they've been conducting surveillance.

This morning a U-Haul and a travel trailer appeared to be targets. Witnesses say agents surrounded the vehicles.

The vehicles were then escorted away by agents and undercover cars.

Witnesses say they saw at least two people being arrested.


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