Aug 4, 2013 1:24 AM by Sam Salzwedel

Fiancee of murder victim organizes benefit concert

TUCSON - A woman whose fiancé was murdered helped organize a concert to benefit the nonprofit Homicide Survivors.

Tim Royce was robbed and shot to death while driving his taxi in 2008. Ruben Archunde pleaded guilty and is serving life in prison.

Royce's fiancée, Melissa Royce, was pregnant with their son.

"His personality is so similar it's scary," Melissa Royce said, "but it's also incredibly beautiful. Because I have that piece of Tim that I can look at every day, and I feel very, very thankful to have that."

Immediately after the murder, Homicide Survivors helped Melissa. She said if it were not for them, she might not have gotten Tim's DNA, so he could be on his son's birth certificate.

"These little things that you never think of while you're grieving, they're there to help out and take over that part," Royce said. "So it takes a lot of the stress off you, so you can spend time with your family and friends and really grieve your loved one."

Now Melissa is the Board President for Homicide Survivors and organized a concert at The Rock Saturday night to raise money.

"It's a rough situation to live through," she said, "but the tragedy wouldn't be worth anything if I didn't try to make something positive out of it."

Homicide Survivors accepts donations through their website.


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