Mar 2, 2013 7:44 PM by Erika Flores

First responders train in remote location

TUCSON-First responders are preparing for the worst-case scenarios by taking part in training exercise in the desert.

It's the first of its kind with this team.

Several southern Arizona agencies met in a remote location to train with the Elephant Head fire department, Border Patrol, University of Arizona Medical Center and LifeNet Arizona/Air Methods.

This team is training to make sure if you're injured in a remote area, they can transport you as quickly as possible to a hospital to get you the attention you need.

Arizona's rough terrain makes it difficult to spot and treat an injured person but not impossible.

These first responders have to give trauma care in the desert while waiting for a helicopter to take the patient to the hospital.

In this exercise, first responders rescue these life-like mannequins in different scenarios, and determine who will be transported by ambulance or helicopter.

A 65-year-old man injured by a blast was chosen to be transported by helicopter.

The team walked the patient near a clear area where the helicopter landed while keeping the patient stable.

"It's just much more realistic. Instead of being in a classroom talking about what if's we are here making it seem as real as possible," said Dan Judkins, trauma educator at UAMC.

This team plans to make this "Bad Trauma in Remote Locations" an annual training event.


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