Fit 4 '14

Feb 25, 2014 12:55 PM by Danielle Lerner

Fit 4 '14: And The Winner Is...

About six weeks ago Porkchop, Shannon, John and I embarked on a very public journey to get "Fit for '14." It isn't always easy broadcasting such private matters, but the response has been incredible. Yes, the competition centered around losing the highest percentage of our starting weight, but we've come to learn that getting "fit" goes far beyond the number on the scale.

We can all see and feel the results. We're leaner, stronger, have more energy and are determined to continue our transformations by adopting the many changes we've made as a lifestyle. Our trainers at Amped Fitness have helped us all to realize how amazing it feels to not only lose weight, but also to be strong, both inside and out.

With all of that said, Jayson's KIIM team fought a hard battle and came out on top! Porkchop and Shannon lost 9 percent of their combined starting weight, while John and I lost 7 percent. A huge congratulations to them for being such tough competitors.

Here is a closer look at the numbers:

Porkchop started at 271 pounds and 40.1 percent body fat. He now weighs 250 pounds, with 33.9 percent body fat. That's an 8 percent loss in total weight!

Shannon weighed in at 169 pounds and 28.8 percent body fat. She now weighs 152 pounds, with 23.2 percent body fat. Shannon was also the overall winner, shedding an incredible 10 percent of her starting weight!

John started the challenge weighing 188 pounds and 27.8 percent body fat. At the final weigh in, John came in at 172 pounds and 22.4 percent body fat. He grabbed the second place spot overall, losing 9 percent of his starting weight.

I started at 169 pounds and 34.4 percent body fat. I'm now just under 160 pounds and 30.5 percent body fat, down 6 percent of my starting weight.

We also crowned an at-home winner Saturday! Kristina Van Aken lost a whopping 27 pounds! Congratulations Kristina and enjoy your six months of free group training!

Thank you to all of you who supported us these past several weeks and stay tuned for more updates down the road. After all, this is a kickstart, not an ending point!

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