Fit 4 '14

Feb 4, 2014 7:57 AM by Danielle Lerner

Fit 4 '14: Meet The Trainers!

Less than three weeks to go in our Fit 4 '14 Challenge and the competition is really heating up. Tucson Today is battling it out against Porkchop and Shannon from KIIM-FM to see who can lose the highest percentage of their starting weight.

The trainers at Amped Fitness are a huge part of this process. Both Bryan Mashburn and Jayson Ryder are working hard to try and whip us all into shape. This week, we're introducing you to Bryan Mashburn, who is leading the Tucson Today team.

"Our philosophy is to train people to be the best versions of themselves," Mashburn said.

He's been personal training for almost eight years, is certified in Russian Kettlebell Challenge, educated in Paleo nutrition and spent several years working in post-op rehabilitation training. For him, success is more about efficiency than rep counts.

"Pain free, if there's ever any sort of snags or anything we try to fix you up before we try to push through it," said Mashburn.

Mashburn pushes ad motivates his clients through a variety of functional exercises but he's no red-faced, screaming training. He opts instead for a smile and a sense of humor.

"We try not to be in really, really good shape," Mashburn says with a laugh. "I think that we really do connect with people in that way because we're not really huge and we're not really big on supplements."

In the end, Mashburn does not measure success by the number of pounds lost or how much a person can lift. It is the total transformation, both inside and out, that he strives for most.

"We'll throw the athletes in there with Jayson and I tend to go more toward the normal crowd quote on quote," he said. "We definitely try to do a characterization match and I think it works out well."

We'll have an updated progress report Thursday on Tucson Today and coming up next week, we'll introduce you to Jayson Ryder, tasked with trying to put the KIIM-FM team on top.

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