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Jan 30, 2014 1:39 PM by John Overall

Fit 4 '14 Progress Report: Stubborn pounds cling tighter

TUCSON - After three weeks of healthier eating and working out with the trainers at Amped Fitness, three out of four of the competitors in our Fit 4 '14 Challenge are struggling to shed those unwanted pounds.

KIIM-FM's lovable Porkchop is dropping weights faster than he used to devour a 12 pack of tacos from Taco Bell.

Those days are behind Porkchop now. He's eating fresh and pushing himself to the limit under the watchful eye of his trainer, Jayson Ryder at Amped Fitness. Porkchop has already lost 13 pounds or five percent of his total weight.

Shannon held steady after week three even though she's working out an extra day with Ryder. Shannon is doing everything right and her newfound muscles weigh more than the extra pounds that are no longer weighing her down. Shannon has lost seven pounds or four percent of her total weight.

Danielle is getting stronger every day. Impressing our trainer Bryan Mashburn with her drive and determination. She's showing progress in her strength, endurance, and speed. After stalling in the weight loss category last week, Danielle dropped three pounds this week and has lost a total of six pounds or three percent of her total weight.

I struggled more than the others this week. I've been watching my diet and working hard but the pounds just don't seem to want to leave. I lost a single pound this week and I'm only down six total or three percent of my total weight.

Our coaches at Amped Fitness keep reminding us that it's healthier to lose a pound or two a week than it is to drop a lot of weight quickly. We have to remember it's about getting fit in 2014, not getting skinny.

Twentyfour more days to go in this challenge and then our goal is to keep on keeping on after that.

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