Fit 4 '14

Feb 6, 2014 11:46 AM by John Overall

Fit 4 '14: Progress Report

TUCSON - It's hard to be involved in a fitness challenge without focusing on weight.

Many of us judge ourselves by the numbers on a scale. We celebrate when we lose a certain number of pounds. We pout when the number get higher.

But the trainers at Amped Fitness are trying to reprogram us. Preaching overall fitness over those annoying numbers.

Unfortunately in a contest like our Fit 4 '14 Challenge, the only way to determine a winner is by the numbers. In this case the team that loses the highest percentage of their beginning weight will win.

We have just 16 days left to trim the fat and get Fit 4 '14.

Each of us have worked hard and we've seen great results so far. But we've all had one week where we stalled and showed no weight loss.

This week it was Danielle who stalled. It's obvious she's lost inches and she's putting in the work, but for some reason she's stuck at 163 pounds.

That's six pounds lighter than Danielle's starting weight and she's lost four percent of her total weight so far.

Last week Shannon and I got stuck on a number. This week it's a different story.

Shannon dropped two pounds and has lost a total of eight pounds or five percent of her starting weight.

I lost four pounds this week for a total of 10 pounds or five percent of my beginning weight.

Porkchop is still the biggest loser so far. After shedding two more pounds this week "Chop" has lost an amazing 15 pounds or six percent of his starting number.

We have just 16 more days to go to crown a winner. But the quest to be Fit-4-14 will continue because it's not about the numbers it's about the lifestyle!

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