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Feb 11, 2014 11:20 AM by John Overall

Fit 4 '14 trainer explains the Amped Fitness philosophy

TUCSON- Last week we introduced you to Bryan Mashburn of Amped Fitness. Bryan is training Danielle and me in our Fit'4'14 Challenge against KIIM FM.

Shannon and Porkchop are getting Fit-4-14 under the watchful eye of Jayson Ryder, a nationally recognized certified
personal trainer and the co-owner of Amped Fitness.

Ryder is a walking billboard for Amped Fitness. It's obvious he spends a lot of time in the gym working on his own fitness. But even people who've never worked before shouldn't be intimidated by Jayson. He works with anyone who has the desire to improve their health and fitness! "What we do here is we take everybody who walks through our door and we build our program specifically for them. So they shouldn't be as intimidated because what we're doing is going to be what they're capable of doing," said Ryder.

You'll see free weights and kettle bells at Amped Fitness but you won't see any machines. The Amped philosophy is what Ryder calls functional fitness. "The functional way just being strictly with free weights, whether it's with kettle bells, dumb bells, medicine balls. Basically body weight, anything we can use to basically get that fitness to the next level," Ryder explained.

It's not a boot camp, and it's definitely not boring! Every workout is little different. The KIIM crew is getting Amped up because Ryder knows how to inspire them to achieve their fitness goals! "We train people who want to lose weight, we train people who want to get stronger, we have athletes that come in and they want to go to the next level," Ryder said.

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